Adorable Essentials

We received the cutest package for Madeline that I'm excited to share with you. About the Company: Adorable Essentials is a St. Louis based, women owned company that's been around for 5 years. Their motto is "We believe in a closet full of color" and to live this motto they offer all their essentials in … Continue reading Adorable Essentials


Healthy BBQ Chicken Pizza

I'm not a big pizza person (GASP!), mainly because I'm not a big cheese person (DOUBLE GASP!) I'm lactose-intolerant, and while I'm not completely dairy free, I do make an effort to be. Bryan, on the other hand, love his cheese and his pizza so I try to make it from time to time. However, … Continue reading Healthy BBQ Chicken Pizza

My Daily Routine

As a busy, SAHM/W(ish)FHM sometimes I find it difficult to make sure I get quality one-on-one bonding time with my daughter. Sure we're together all day, everyday but some of that time is spent cleaning, getting ready, working, cooking, driving, grocery shopping... you get the gist.  There's a lot of "stuff" to do in a day, even for a SAHM.