The myth of Wonder Woman and why its okay to buy your kid’s costume

Happy Halloween and WELCOME to my my first post on the blog!

I’ve been an avid blogger and writer all my life, but once Madeline was born I had to take a break.  Now my baby girl is 15 months old and I feel like I finally have a bit more time to get back into it… but my life has changed, a lot, since the last time I blogged.

So instead of trying to revert back to my old self and write from her perspective, I’ve decided to start fresh writing from my new perspective: #momlife.

With tomorrow being Halloween it feels like the perfect time to tackle this most polarizing of topics… Kid’s costumes: to make or to buy.

In this Insta-centric world we live in, its so easy to want to get that perfect pic of your little dresses as a baby chic or pumpkin tutu… thing.  I get it, they’re adorable and impeccably made.  But this mama barely has time to start a blog, let alone create a gorgeous baby costume with only a years notice.  Who do you think I am, Wonder Woman?

Well I’m not. But my daughter will be tomorrow.  That’s right, I opted to buy her costume and she looks way better than any feather covered, tulle-laced baby chic I’ll ever be able to make.

Plus the dog would probably eat it before we even got out the door.



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