Toddler Chore List (21 Months-24 Months)

Now that Maddie is getting older and really understanding instructions, I’ve started a small “chore” list for her.

While some may think 21 months is too young for chores, I believe instilling these habits at a young age helps to facilitate routine, discipline, self reliance, and accountability.
Plus, she loves when I give her easy tasks that she can quickly complete.  It helps us engage and builds her self confidence. After all, we plan on raising a Wonder Woman who believes in herself!
Our very small list of chores includes:
  • Helping to pick up her laundry and throwing it in the hamper.
  • Picking up her toys when we’re done in a room.
  • Feeding Blitzen (this one she started on her own)
  • Throwing away diapers

Purple Checklist List


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  1. I love this!. My son is 13 months and iv already been trying to teach him how to put diapers in the wet bag lol. I’m saving this to my Pinterest board.

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