2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s my second Mother’s Day with Maddie, although I like to think of it as my third being that I was pregnant in May.  Bryan and I make gift giving easy, we literally just email links to what we want. But my mom, she never did. She’d say she wanted “nothing” or “didn’t need anything.” But let’s be honest, she was lying. We all knew it every year. And every year it was SO DIFFICULT to pick a gift for her.

While I sadly don’t get the annoyance of having to guess at giving a gift for Mother’s Day anymore, I know many people still do have that luxury, so I thought I’d help them out and share a few things I thought my mama (and yours) might love.

Bundle it!

I like to bundle gifts. With a new camera you can include a photography class; take a cute beach bag and fill it with a beach towel, your favorite sunscreens, and other fun beachy things; for a day at the spa add a little at home set to stay relaxed long after the relaxation time is over. You get the idea. The following gifts would be great to include with a fun Mother’s Day Trip without breaking the bank!


South by Southwest Weekender Bag
This weekender bag is the perfect present to accompany a weekend getaway gift, but its also great on its own!

A Halter Swimsuit that would be flattering on any body type
I bought almost this exact suit last year for $125, this one is just a fraction of the cost! The halter top and ruching make it flattering for any body type. Include this if your giving Mama that long-awaited, always put off, beach trip!

Ladies, frost yourselves..

Who doesn’t love a little frosting on their… cake? It may just be dawning on me how offense that is! Regardless, jewelry for Mother’s Day?  ALWAYS a nice treat!

BERING Time Watch
These watches come in many colors and styles. This one is sleek and classic, perfect for the understated mama in your life!

Fossil Women’s Triangle Howlite Studs Earrings
I used to love big statement earrings, and I know the tassel earrings are still all the rage right now. But these dainty little guys just seem easy and are perfect for a new mom who doesn’t want her little one ripping her ear lobes apart.

YUWEI 24k Gold Plated Double Bar Necklace
I thought this necklace was so cool. Simple, but with a touch of edge.  Perfect for that classic mama who has little attitude (hey, that’s me!)

For the impossible to buy for mom

Some moms want for nothing or are impossible to buy for.  Everything on this list you may be thinking, “my mom wouldn’t want that.” If your mama is that mom, one of the following might be a little out of the box, but the perfect fit for her. Besides, she already has you, what more could she want?

A beautiful arrangement of flowers is a little gift that goes a long way.  I’d never be disappointed by my favorite flowers.

Premium Laboratory Beaker Mug
I like to think of myself as being a little sophisticated and classy, but in reality I’m a big ol’ nerd. Bryan works in tech, I’m a writer, we read comic books and watch super hero and Star Wars movies on the weekends. I saw this mug and fell in love.  It’s a little geeky, a little cheeky, and the style of the mug gives off the bit of sophistication I need to feel like a grown up. Plus, is there a mom out there not powered by caffeine?

Satin Sheets
If your mama likes to feel like she’s living the lux life her whole life, these satin sheets will help keep up with her own Jones’. Every night she’ll crawl into bed feeling pampered and loved.

Life. Changer. I often get asked if the Vitamix is” worth it” or that much better then other, less expensive brands. And my answer is always hell yes. I’m not knocking those other brands, but if the Vitamix is in your budget you won’t be disappointed. And neither will your health-loving, smoothie-drinking, granola-crunching mama!

Shiatsu Massage Pillow
This massage pillow was one of Bryan’s Christmas presents last year. I bought it totally on a whim from another gift guide. It ended up being everyone’s favorite gift and we still fight over it! Perfect for any Mama who just needs to relax on the daily.

Cool Mom Alert

The next two products are for all those moms out  there who are just too cool for school. They’d never be caught dead in a Mom Life tee, but these shirts are on a whole ‘nother level. They’re chic with a touch of cheek!

Momtauk Tee

Role Model Sweatshirt

The EYES have it!

These are definitely on my Mother’s Day List. I have really bad eye allergies and try as I might to not rub my eyes it always ends up happening at least once a day. So dark circles and puffiness are two things I battle on the reg. Fair warning, I have not tried the L’Occitane, but it was recommended to me buy a someone I trust. If your mama struggles with the same issues she’ll love a luxury eye treatment! Wanna be a little cheeky? Pair it with flowers!

L’Occitane Divine Eye Cream to Help Reduce the Appearance of Dark Circles and Puffiness

Jack Black Protein Booster Eye Rescue


These gifts are fun, beautiful and come with a discount!

Photage Prints
You can rip and stick these canvas prints! I love this idea as a kid’s gift to mom or grandma. Have them draw a picture, snap a photo, then send it off to Photage for sticky print! For $5 off use code madeline.

Brass and Cotton Coral Statement Necklace
Victoria Emerson Designs was kind enough to send me some beautiful wrap bracelets, but their selection extends beyond that. With necklaces, earrings, watches, and even scarves you can find the perfect Mother’s Day Gift and pick out a little something for yourself while you’re there.  Use code Maddie30 for 30% your order!



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